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Safety Management Plans

Our safety management plans are tailored specifically for your industry and task-specific needs, so you can be confident that your employees are safe and compliant with the latest regulations.

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What is a Safety Management Plan? 

A site-specific Safety Management Plan is a blueprint for conducting high-risk activities that includes clearly defined responsibilities, timelines, and milestones. You can't afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to something as important as health and safety on site, its just too risky!


Safety Management Plans come in different formats, for example:


- General Site Safety Management Plans - Unique to a specific site, a Site Management Plan outlines hazards, risks and processes relative to your particular project.

- High-risk activity management plans for activities such as working with asbestos, confined spaces or chemicals

- Covid-19 Management plans

- Chain of Responsibility (CoR) management plans for the transport industry and many more!


If there's no plan for those high-risk jobs, essential tasks may fall through the cracks; emergencies can arise, which no one knows how to cope with, health and safety responsibilities may not be clear, and you may be failing in your legal duty.


We know how much work goes into creating a safety management plan - so we've made sure our process is as easy as possible for you! All this means less time spent on paperwork and more time doing what matters most - running your business safely.

Benefits of having a Safety Management Plan in place?

A well-developed site safety management plan helps you accomplish your goals in many ways:


- It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved

- Defines and maps high-risk areas on site

- Implements clear steps and procedures for carrying out tasks

- Provides project management and reporting tools

- Detail lines of accountability and authority

- Determines communication strategies

- Maintains legal compliance

Safety Management Plan Contents

We have done all the hard work for you so that you're ready fast! Simply add your site-specific information, and you will quickly have an individualised document tailored for your business needs. This means less time spent worrying about compliance issues and more time focusing on what really matters - making sure everyone gets home safely every day.


These compliant and professional safety management plans are available for instant download and ready for use in every state and territory, including Western Australia and South Australia.


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