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Australia and New Zealand have always had close ties, and with the 2016 adoption of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) New Zealand's Health and Safety framework now closely mirrors that of Australia.

As Australia's leading provider of documented OHS, Environmental and Quality Management Systems, we are now uniquely positioned to provide New Zealand businesses with the same high-quality documentation that aligns with the NZ regulatory framework.

The majority of our documents can be purchased and used by New Zealand businesses with little to no changes required, and where the New Zealand experience requires something different, we have established a suite of health and safety documents to suit.

These compliant and professional systems are available for instant download and ready for use in your business. Can't find what you want? Then contact our friendly customer support team for assistance and let us know what you need.

  • Health & Safety at Work Management Systems (HSWMS)

    Provides a practical guide for employers to manage occupational health and safety in their workplace. Full of essential policies, procedures, forms, checklists, registers, emergency plan and worker induction handbook our systems aim to guide and help your business provide a safe and compliant workplace.

  • Work Method Statement (WMS)

    Work Method Statements are a valuable tool that can be used to provide information, training or instruction to workers. Although there is no specific requirement for a document called a ‘Work Method Statement’ in New Zealand they have become such a common tool that many businesses use them as part of their safety systems. SafetyCulture can assist your business in providing this training with our pre-filled customisable WMS templates.

  • OHS Tools & Forms

    Keeping health and safety records is essential to helping your business meet regulatory requirements, monitor health and safety performance and document risks. Maintain adequate health and safety records for your business with our comprehensive library of workplace safety forms, checklist and registers

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    Standard Operating Procedures provide businesses with a way to deliver training, information and instruction in a simple and easy to follow document. Outlining step-by-step safe processes for the use of specific equipment and work activities, SOPs an help your workforce recognise and manage risks. Over 50 SOPs to choose from.

Blank SWMS Master Template

Write your own Work Method Statement using our blank SWMS template.

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