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Refund Policy

1. General:

At SafetyCulture Plus Pty Ltd, we understand that sometimes you may need to request a refund. We are committed to providing our customers with quality Products and Services and want them to be satisfied with their purchases. To ensure this is the case, we have implemented this refund policy in the event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

2. Definitions:

"Seller, we, us or our" means SafetyCulture Plus Pty Ltd (ABN 30 644 548 587);
"Buyer, you, your or user" means any person, body corporate or entity which purchases, orders or uses Products or Content;

"Products" means all documents or other deliverables, in whatever form, provided by the Seller to the Buyer or to be delivered by the Seller to the Buyer;

3. Policy Statement:

Our policy is to ensure all our Products match the product descriptions listed on our website. Every effort is made to ensure our Products are of the highest quality and developed with best practices in mind.

All purchases made through our website are subject to ACL regulations regarding consumer rights and remedies when goods/services do not meet consumer guarantee requirements.

a) If you have a minor problem with a product, please let us know immediately. We will use reasonable efforts to rectify the problem within seven days and issue a replacement Product. The replaced Product will be of an identical type to the Product originally supplied.
b) If you have identified a major problem with a product that cannot be easily rectified, you may request a refund. For these terms and conditions, a product has a major problem when:

  1. it is significantly different from the sample or description;
  2. it is substantially unfit for its common purpose and cannot easily be fixed within a reasonable time;

c) If you prefer an alternative to a refund, a store credit may be offered. We ask that you choose carefully before making your purchase, as we do not refund for incorrect choices or changes of mind.

For more information regarding your rights under Australian Consumer law regulations, please refer to

Any notices to us must be in writing and addressed to: Enquiry Officer, SafetyDocs by SafetyCulture, PO Box 578, Townsville QLD 4810, Australia or given by email to:

If you have any queries regarding our Products or Services, please feel free to call our office on 1300 306 604 during business hours.