Meeting Compliance

1. Will I be able to use the OHS/WHS Management System in my state?

Yes, SafetyCulture Management Systems comply with current legislation in all States and Territories.

2. Do these Management Systems comply with AS/NZS ISO 45001 standards and OHS/WHS regulations?

The content of our OHS/WHS Management Systems has been aligned with key elements from AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 (Australian and New Zealand Standard) and the Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulations.

3. Do these Management Systems/Plans meet the CM3 accreditation?


4. What if the legislation changes?

Regular emails are sent out to our database of clients to keep them informed about any updates or changes to the documents. At SafetyCulture we like to help you keep up to date - for any documents already purchased, you will only ever pay an upgrade fee.


1. Can I view a sample OHS/WHS Management System?

Yes, we are happy to provide an example documents from our WHS/OHS Systems. 

Here is a a sample of one of our Management Systems.

2. I am tendering for a council/government tender. What do I need?

One of our Occupational/Work Health and Safety Management Systems will meet the OHS/WHS requirements of the tender along with the relevant Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to cover your scope of work.

3. Do your Management Systems/Plans contain SWMS?

No, this is because each business/organisation perform different tasks and have different equipment. Our systems do contain a blank SWMS template for your customisation.

4. What is the "Date/Revision Date" of my document?

The "Revision Date" or "Date" included in the footer space of your document is a date that your organisation sets to assist with the annual review process of your OHS compliance documents.

OHS Documents should be reviewed at least annually, in consultation with workers, health and safety representatives and other relevant parties.

Your OHS documents should also be reviewed if:

it is identified that there are changes in the workplace that affect the document
it is identified that the document is not effective
there are legislative changes that affect the document
there is a serious incident or dangerous occurrence.

Customising Your Documents

1. Can I add my logo and company name?

Yes. All documents are provided in Microsoft Word Format, so you can easily input your company logo and details.

2. Can I change the content of the OHS/WHS Management System?

Yes. All documents are provided in Microsoft Word Format, so you can easily customise to meet the requirements of your clients:

change colours
add photos
add or delete information to make it specific to your business.

Receiving Your Documents

1. How long will it take to receive my documents?

Your purchased products will be emailed to you directly upon receipt of payment from our online store and normally takes no more 30 minutes minutes.

2. How do I download my purchased products?

All our documents are emailed upon payment, in MS Word format, ready for you to download, save and edit as required. A download link to all your purchased products is included in your Sales Tax Invoice.

3. Do you post it out or send out a disk?

No, the document is provided via email ready for you to download and customise, so you can use it for multiple jobs.


1. Is my Work Health and Safety Management System accredited?

Yes. All documents are provided in Microsoft Word Format, so you can easily customise to meet the requirements of your clients:

comply with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations for 2007 and 2011
align with key elements from AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001
meet the standards criteria (the criteria your business will be required to meet in order to receive accreditation).

2. How do I gain accreditation for my Workplace Health and Safety Management System?

Implement the system into your business. Ensure that all elements of the system have been filled in and that relevant checklists, registers or forms are completed when required. Secondly organise to have a third party accredited auditor conduct an audit of the implemented system against the standards criteria. The auditor will then at their discretion award accreditation.


When seeking accreditation, organise the auditing company to supply you with a pre-audit checklist so that you can ensure you meet the audit criteria prior to their visit.