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Our team are on holiday from 5pm Fri 22nd Dec until 8:30am Tues 2nd Jan (AEST). Our store remains open 24/7 for instant product downloads.

Understanding how Custom Branding Works

1. How does custom branding work?

Simply upload your business name, address, ABN and logo where prompted when purchasing your products, and our custom branding app will add the information to the appropriate location in every applicable document in your order.

After the branding process is completed, you will receive an email with a link for you to download your newly branded documents.

2. How much does custom branding cost?

Custom branding is $9.95 per cart checkout (regardless of how many products you purchase in that order).

3. Is the branding charge per product?

No, regardless of how many documents you purchase in a single order, all products in your order will be branded, and you will only be charged a single price of $9.95 per cart checkout order.

So whether you need one document or one hundred, you only pay one price.

4. Does custom branding work across multiple orders?

No, the branding app only brands documents for $9.95 in the current cart you are processing. If you return and make another order, it will be another $9.95.

Please remember, however, that you can purchase as many products as you like in a single order, and they will all be branded at the one low price of $9.95.

5. What parts of the document are branded?

Our products are all developed with fields for your business logo, business name, ABN and address. Most branding information is predominately in the header and footer of the document, with the business name often dispersed throughout the document’s body.

6. How much time will custom branding save me?

Custom branding could save you hours or days of tedious work depending on the size of your order.

For example, our larger management systems have over 100 pages and up to 100 support documents such as registers, checklists and forms, with every page requiring branding information.

Even smaller systems or multiple products will take time out of your day to brand manually.

For the price of two cups of coffee, it’s much simpler to let us do it for you!

Requirements for Custom Branding

1. What size logo do I need to upload?

Logo images must be less than 5 Mb.

Due to the location of the logo in the document, landscape rather than portrait logo’s tend to look better.

2. What file types must the logo be?

Logo image files must be PNG or JPEG.

Receiving your Custom Branded Documents

1. How long does it take to receive the branded documents?

After a short processing delay, you should receive your branded documents in 1-4 hrs, depending on the size of your order.

Should there be any delays, our friendly customer service team will manually brand the documents for you and let you know when they are ready.

2. How are branded documents sent?

Your branded products will be sent to you via email link.

Please note: Branded documents are sent via email link 1-4 hrs after your original purchase email. While we endeavour to ensure they don’t go to your spam or junk folder, it might on the odd occasion, so please check here also.

3. My documents aren’t branded. What has happened?

The checkout process will send you an instant email after purchasing with links to our native unbranded documents (this is an automatic process).

If you have ordered branded documents, please wait for a second email from us with your branded documents.

Thank you for being patient. We hope to have this technical issue sorted out very shortly.