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How to Write a Safe Work Method Statement

The Ultimate 20-Point Checklist

Need to write a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for your business?

Check out our ultimate 20-point SWMS checklist to help you ensure your SWMS meet the needs of your Principal Contractor and clients.

  • 1

    Does your SWMS include your company name, address, ABN and site contact information?

  • 2

    Does it include the project details including site address and job description (scope of works)?

  • 3

    Does the SWMS show evidence of identifying who participated in its development and implementation?

  • 4

    Does it include Principal Contractor (PC) details and the date the document was provided to the PC?

  • 5

    Does your SWMS template adequately identify high risk work as prescribed by the WHS regulations?

  • 6

    Does the SWMS template include relevant and current legislation, codes of practice and standards?

  • 7

    Are relevant emergency procedures and details included in the SWMS?

  • 8

    Does the template include details of all plant, equipment and hazardous substances required to complete the task?

  • 9

    Are inspection and maintenance requirements for plant/equipment being used for the job listed in the SWMS?

  • 10

    Does the template include details of all plant, equipment and hazardous substances required to complete the task?

A Safe Work Method Statement is a crucial part of any Workplace Safety Management Plan, assisting with training and compliance requirements for WHS inspections.

  • 11

    Does the SWMS identify the hazards, risks and control measures associated with each job step?

  • 12

    Do the identified controls demonstrate the use of the hierarchy of control?

  • 13

    Does the SWMS consider the risks levels associated with each work task (risks are assessed using a risk assessment matrix)?

  • 14

    Does the SWMS define Person/s responsible to implement control measures and follow monitoring and review procedures?

  • 15

    Does the SWMS outline PPE requirements?

  • 16

    Are appropriate controls for Permits, Traffic Management, other trades and the public identified in the SWMS?

  • 17

    Does the SWMS show evidence of appropriate licenses, qualification and training required to safely understand the job?

  • 18

    Is there a section for sign off by personnel on the job to confirm that they have read, been trained in and understand the SWMS?

  • 19

    Does the SWMS include an area to record the development, approval and review date?

  • 20

    Is the SWMS site specific?

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