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D&N Plumbing uses SafetyDocs by SafetyCulture to Stay Compliant

About D & N  Plumbing Services 

Plumbers work in a variety of hazardous environments, exposing themselves to numerous risks on the job. Safety procedures are needed to work in confined spaces, working at heights and working with a range of hand and power tools.

D&N plumbing have been around for 20 years providing plumbing services to a range of industrial and commercial projects.

Safety in plumbing is the most important thing when working around 10-20 different trades each day. D&N Plumbing cover anything from taps and toilets all the way through to medium high-rise and commercial construction projects.

Identified Problem

Before using SafetyDocs documents, Darren Bradley, Owner of D&N Plumbing found that their occupational systems were outdated. Keeping the information up to date with the changes needed for each state was an ongoing issue.

“We wanted a product where somebody else was keeping it live, updating it regularly and keeping it up with legislation..”

Darren Bownlee, Owner of D&N Plumbing

The Solution

Regulations change across job sites when different builders require unique standards. With SafetyDocs documents, Darren’s staff can edit and update according to the requirements of the builder they were working for each day.

"We wanted a product that was accessible to staff and our site managers."

Darren Bownlee, Owner of D&N Plumbing

Fiona, the office manager uses the SafetyDocs by SafetyCulture website to download new Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) as needed.

“Sometimes it would take us days to get a SWMS done, whereas now it only takes us a couple of hours. It goes straight into word so we can find and replace stuff that we need straight away”

Fiona, Office Manager

5+ Years Later

After implementing SafetyDocs SWMS, Darren says it has maintained the system very efficiently for the last four to five years.

“With our high-rise we have height safety risks, with our industrial sheds we have excavations, large pieces of machinery work and in and around our workforce. These are things that are a threat to our employees everyday so it’s important we have the right documentation.”

Darren Bownlee, Owner of D&N Plumbing

"We need to know that our guys are going to end up going home to their families at the end of the day. Their family needs to know that they’re going to be home."

Darren Bownlee, Owner of D&N Plumbing