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A Workers Guide

When do I need a SWMS?

In Australia, it is a legislative requirement that a written Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is produced for work which is determined to be High Risk Construction Work under the WHS Act.

The purpose of a SWMS is to enable all people involved with specific high risk construction work to have a full understanding of the risks involved with undertaking that work and to implement the risk controls outlined in the SWMS to ultimately increase workplace safety.

Any Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs) must ensure that SWMS are prepared for all high risk construction work prior to work commencing.

So what is considered high risk construction work?

A SWMS should be developed for works that involve any of the following:

  • asbestos, explosives or diving work

  • building or demolition work involving tilt up or pre-cast concrete

  • confined spaces

  • demolition

  • pressurised gas distribution mains or piping chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines energised electrical installations or services.

  • Structure or building involving structural alterations or repairs that require temporary support to prevent collapse

  • work carried out adjacent to a road, railway or shipping lane, traffic corridor

  • work in an area that may have contaminated or flammable atmosphere

  • working around mobile plant / machinery

  • working at depths greater than 1.5 metres, including tunnels or mines

  • working at heights where there is a risk of falling more than two metres, including work on telecommunications towers

  • working in areas where there is risk of being exposed to artificial extreme temperatures

  • working in or near water or other liquid that involves risk of drowning

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