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Bricklaying - Masonry Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Discover our Bricklaying and Masonry Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for key safety guidelines tailored to the unique risks of bricklaying, paving, and stonework. These SWMS address multiple hazards associated with these trades, providing clear, concise directives for risk management and safety protocols. Whether you're laying bricks, setting stones, or installing pavers, our SWMS ensure you're equipped with the knowledge and strategies to work safely and efficiently, safeguarding against the specific challenges faced in the masonry field.

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Do you need documented, compliant and effective Bricklaying-related SWMS? 

Look no further! We have created these Bricklaying related Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) specifically for you. They are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.


They provide a way for an employer or PCBU to provide health and safety information so your staff are aware of the possible risks and hazards associated with laying bricks and blocks. This includes a comprehensive method statement for blockwork, ensuring thorough understanding and preparation.

Benefits of having Bricklaying Safe Work Method Statements in place 

Our SWMS have been written by industry experts who know what it takes to keep workers safe on-site, including those involved in building walls and providing top-notch bricklaying services.


They also come with easy-to-follow controls so that everyone can be confident in their ability to complete each task safely. And because our Bricklaying SWMS are available online, you can download them straight away and be up and running in no time! This convenience extends to those looking for brickwork solutions in both New South Wales and other Australian states.


All this means less hassle for you and more peace of mind when keeping yourself and others safe on-site every day. Don't forget to check our recent bricklayer reviews to see how our SWMS have made a difference!

Contents of Brick and Block Laying Safe Work Method Statements 

We know that hazards associated with laying bricks and blocks are not just the task itself but the environment you need to work in. Along with manual handling and injuries from falling objects, there are many other hazards such as working at heights, working on scaffolding, using brick saws, exposure to silica dust, mobile plant and other potential risks.


Looking for the best SWMS for your Brick and Block laying job is easy on this category page. All SWMS are suitable for use in NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, WA and NZ.

SafetyDocs SWMS include provisions for: 

- The name of the principal contractor test

- Name, address and ABN

- Details of the person responsible for ensuring monitoring and compliance with the SWMS

- The date the SWMS was prepared and review dates

- The signature of each worker

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