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Civil Road works are made up of many high-risk tasks. Excavations need to happen, asphalt needs to be laid, concrete needs to be poured, heavy equipment is being moved around, and traffic management is needed for the safety of workers on site. Having the correct  Civil Road Works Safe Work Method Statements are critical to your next project running smoothly and safely!

Our range of Civil Road Works SWMS covers the most common work activities associated with Civil Road Works. Are you working near powerlines? We have you covered! Are you excavating near underground assets? We’ve got that too! What about heat stress for workers in the sun all day? 

You can use these documents as is or customise them according to your needs by adding additional information such as site-specific hazards, equipment used etc. They are available in Microsoft Word format, which means they are compatible with any computer system, whether it be Mac or Windows-based.

The templates come complete with detailed instructions on how to fill in each section, making them easy to use even if this is the first time using one of our products!

Browse our selection to find the perfect Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for your next job. All SWMS are suitable for use in NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, WA and  NZ.

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SWMS Template Content

Our Safe Work Method Statements are not blank templates, they contain the most common hazards and controls measures to manage risk.

We can't see what's happening on your site though, it's vitally important you include site-specific hazards, assess the risk, and make our SWMS specific to your task at hand.

Our Safe Work Method Statements set out the work activities in logical sequences; identifies hazards and describes the corresponding control measures.

The content of a SWMS should be regularly reviewed and needs to include consultation with workers and other persons.

If you are changing sites or conducting a new activity, the SWMS content should be checked and amended to suit.

SafetyDocs SWMS include provisions for:

  • The name of the principal contractor
  • Name, address and ABN
  • Details of the person responsible for ensuring monitoring and compliance with the SWMS
  • The date the SWMS was prepared and review dates
  • The signature of each worker

All SafetyDocs SWMS:

  • Identify the high-risk construction work
  • Specify hazards and risks relating to the work
  • Describe the control measures used to control identified risks
  • Describe how the control measures will be monitored and reviewed

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