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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Feb 3rd 2021

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Safety Alert to secure residential construction sites. 

NT WorkSafe has released a safety alert highlighting the dangers of unauthorised people accessing residential construction and demolition sites.

The department has received multiple notifications regarding unauthorised access to where construction has stopped for long periods. The purpose of the Safety Alert is to remind the builder or owner of the site that they are still responsible for eliminating hazards even when construction work has stopped.

NT WorkSafe inspectors have encountered issues regarding site security, including poorly constructed fencing and fall hazards.

Further information on the safety alert, including suggested actions, can be found on the NT Worksafe website.

Bridgewater plant operations at a standstill after the death of a worker. 

On February 1st 2021, Hay Australia halted operations after a worker was involved in a serious incident and died at it's Bridgewater plant. It's believed the 29-year-old man became entangled in machinery.

A Hay Australia spokeswoman said, "He was an experienced and highly valued member of our team, and our heartfelt thoughts and condolences are with his family, loved ones and colleagues,".

WorkSafe Victoria is now leading an investigation, and the plant is co-operating fully with authorities.

Original article on the Herald Sun website.

Australian Transport Safety Board releases report on train drivers entering a track danger zone. 

The ATSB report was released after an incident near Waterfall in NSW on 21 August 2019, when rules were not correctly followed to protect workers from rail traffic.

The report found that two train drivers unknowingly entered the danger zone without appropriate protection and were at risk of being struck by rail traffic.

No one was injured during the incident. The train crew and signaller underwent re-training and assessment before returning to rail safety work.

The final report on the incident can be reviewed on the ATSB website.

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