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Thursday 4th February 2021

Feb 4th 2021

Thursday 4th February 2021

Fine issued after waste management company fails to comply. 

The Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined waste management solutions company Cleanaway Daniels Pty Ltd for failing to report a power issue that led to an incinerator bypassing standard air emission controls.

The issue occurred at the Laverton North site on Doherty’s Rd on 8 October 2020. Although the issue only lasted 50 minutes, Cleanaway Daniels breached their licence by not reporting the issue to the EPA until 19 October 2020.

EPA Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Steve Lansdell said that “Cleanaway Daniels is well aware of its licence conditions and has clear plans in place to report to EPA in cases such as this. A fine of $8,261 sends a clear message to Cleanaway Daniels and all licence holders that we take licence conditions and reporting requirements very seriously,”

Original article on the EPA Victoria website

Failure to follow correct procedures leads to fatality. 

In 2017, a sugarcane worker was instructed to fix a broken down cane haul-out vehicle himself rather than calling a mechanic. The worker was found some twenty minutes later crushed between the haul-out vehicle and a stationary bulk fuel trailer.

The worker failed to turn off the machine before attempting to fix the leaking hydraulic line, which caused him to be crushed.

To protect staff, the defendant company should have had a prohibition on workers doing field repairs single-handedly (as per the operator manual for the vehicle) and followed guidance in the Rural Plant Code of Practice 2004

The business was prosecuted and fined $150,000 for failing to comply with its primary safety duty and for “exposing one of its workers to risk of serious injury or death.”

More information can be found on the WorkSafe Qld website

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