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Do you have an Emergency Response Plan?

Dec 1st 2021

Do you have an Emergency Response Plan?

Are you a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU)?  If so, it’s your duty to make an emergency plan. This includes an effective response to emergencies and testing the plan. You must also maintain the plan so that it’s always effective and arrange training for workers on the emergency plan and procedures in it.

You’ll be able to keep everyone safe by making sure your business has an effective emergency response plan in place. This will help protect people from harm while also protecting the reputation of your business or organisation.

It’s important that all workers know how to respond if there is an accident or injury at work so they can take appropriate action immediately when needed. That way, you can minimise any potential damage and get people the medical attention they need as soon as possible.

We can help you create an emergency response plan that includes everything required under WHS regulations including hazard identification, risk assessment and control measures for staff members on-site who may be first responders during emergencies.

Emergency Response Plan

Confined Space Emergency Rescue Plan

Electrical Emergency Response Plan

Trench Collapse Emergency Response Plan

Falls Emergency Rescue Plan

Chemical Spill Emergency Response Plan

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