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Victorian businesses urged to prioritise forklift safety

Feb 10th 2023

Victorian businesses urged to prioritise forklift safety

WorkSafe reminds businesses to make safety a priority when working with forklifts after more than 140 workers were injured in forklift incidents in 2022.

WorkSafe said, “Forklifts offer a practical way to lift and stack heavy loads but are also one of the most hazardous pieces of equipment found in Victorian workplaces.”

“More workplace injuries and deaths involve forklifts than any other type of equipment but can be avoided if employers put safety first and ensure their machinery and systems of work are fit for purpose.”

According to WorkSafe, a total of 142 workers made claims for forklift-related injuries in 2022. Workers in the transport, postal and warehousing industry filed 45 claims, manufacturing 35 and wholesale trade 32 claims.

WorkSafe data shows eight Victorian workers have been killed in forklift-related incidents in the last four years

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