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SA parents urged to prevent kids from using quad bikes

Apr 19th 2024

SA parents urged to prevent kids from using quad bikes

Parents are being advised to prevent children from using quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles due to a worrying increase in injury cases at a South Australian Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

From December to March, the Paediatric Major Trauma Service at the hospital attended to eight patients who sustained injuries from both adult and child-sized quad bikes.

The kids, ranging from two to 15 years old, suffered various injuries including broken bones, cuts, and head injuries, leading to surgeries and hospital stays for some of them.

Kidsafe SA Chief Executive Officer Holly Fitzgerald said, “It is essential that parents and carers are made aware of these dangers and never allow children under 16 to ride or be a passenger on adult-sized quad bikes. Children are still at risk on ‘child-sized’ quad bikes as they are still unstable and heavy in a roll over scenario.”

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