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Fall from scaffolding triggers safety warning

Aug 5th 2022

Fall from scaffolding triggers safety warning

Construction workers have been warned not to modify scaffolding if they are not authorised to do so following an incident in which a worker fell through a void they had created at a Darwin construction site.

NT WorkSafe enquiries into incidents involving scaffolding have found that some workers have been modifying scaffolding when they feel the structure inhibits their work.

The Northern Territory’s occupational health and safety regulator urges all workplaces using scaffolding to ensure that all workers are aware that scaffolding can only be modified by a person who holds the relevant high risk work licence.

NT WorkSafe said, “as scaffolding is meant to be a safe platform for working at height or used as fall prevention, it is important that the structure is suitable for the task required.”

The safety watchdog added that under the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Regulations 2011, workplaces are required to prepare a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) before commencing scaffolding work.

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