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Essential Energy warns of flood-related electrical hazards

Mar 10th 2022

Essential Energy warns of flood-related electrical hazards

Essential Energy is reminding residents, volunteers and emergency workers to prioritise electrical safety when working in floodwaters.

Operations Manager Ranges, Paul McWilliam said people should follow basic safety tips to prevent electrical hazards.

“With this unprecedented flooding and heavy rain across the entire North Coast, we want to remind people to be aware of possible electrical dangers during flooding situations.

“We need people to be aware that as the rivers are so much higher, anyone on a boat or SUP or in a kayak is a lot closer to powerlines, so please stay out of floodwaters unless there’s a critical need.

“We also want to remind people as the flood water starts to recede that no one should enter a property that has been affected by flood waters without first ensuring the energised electrical wiring has been shut off or disconnected,” Paul said.

Read the full story on the Essential Energy website.

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