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WorkSafe Tasmania publishes new OHS data

Feb 6th 2024

WorkSafe Tasmania publishes new OHS data

WorkSafe Tasmania has released the latest industry snapshot for 2022 with statistics indicating body stressing is the leading cause of injury in Tasmania.

Other statistics in WorkSafe Tasmania’s 2022 Industry Snapshots show mental stress injuries have witnessed a surge, accounting for 16% of all severe injuries.

Minister Madeleine Ogilvie said the Industry Snapshots highlight the crucial role of data in enhancing the safety of Tasmanian workers.

“Our Government is focused on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our workforce is paramount,” said Minister Ogilvie.

“The Industry Snapshots are vital for this by detailing safety performance data and trends in all industries across the state, comparing data from the current year to previous years and also between industries.”

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