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WorkSafe Awards showcase top performers in health and safety

Mar 11th 2024

WorkSafe Awards showcase top performers in health and safety

The 2023 WorkSafe Awards served as a platform to showcase the incredible stories of resilience, innovation, and unwavering resolve from individuals and organisations in Victoria.

With an impressive turnout of over 350 attendees, last week's event celebrated outstanding achievements in workplace health and safety, as well as successful return-to-work initiatives

Across six award categories, eight deserving winners from various sectors, including healthcare, emergency services, agriculture, transport, and local government, were recognised for their unwavering dedication to preventing work-related injuries and enhancing the well-being of injured workers.

The Chief Executive Officer of WorkSafe, Joe Calafiore, expressed his satisfaction in observing the diverse approaches taken by Victorian businesses and workers to tackle health and safety concerns.

"It is wonderful to share the stories of individuals who have made the journey back to work after injury, as well as those who have gone to great lengths to make their workplaces safer," Mr Calafiore said.

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