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Workplaces urged to prioritise health and safety this October

Oct 3rd 2023

Workplaces urged to prioritise health and safety this October

As National Safe Work Month kicks off, Safe Work Australia urges everyone to make workplace health and safety a priority.

National Safe Work Month is an initiative of Safe Work Australia held every October to raise awareness of workplace health and safety.

Safe Work Australia statistics indicate that about 200 workers are killed at work each year.

The theme for 2023 is – for everyone’s safety, work safely – encouraging all Australians to prioritise workplace safety and ‘work towards preventing’ workplace deaths, injuries and diseases.

“The theme highlights the various ways individuals and organisations can work together to protect workers’ mental and physical health by eliminating and managing risks at work, and ensuring all workers are supported in a safe and healthy workplace,” Safe Work Australia said.

For more information, visit the Safe Work Australia website.

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