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Worker Seriously Injured by Falling Metal Beam

Jun 4th 2021

Worker Seriously Injured by Falling Metal Beam

Construction site worker seriously injured from falling metal beam. 

construction worker aged in his 50’s was struck by a large metal beam at a worksite in Sydney’s inner west on Wednesday.

Emergency services were called to the site in Strathfield just before 8.45 am, with multiple crews working to transport the male worker into an ambulance. The accident happened roughly 5 metres below ground level.

He was rushed to Westmead Hospital, where he is in a serious condition with injuries to his head and chest.

Read the original story on the Nine News website.

Twenty people hospitalised from a gas leak. 

Employees from a processing plant near Dover run by Tasmanian salmon giant Tassal has had more than 20 people taken to the hospital for medical assessment after being exposed to gas. An on-site evaluation by Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) indicated that carbon monoxide from forklifts operated inside the building was most likely the cause.

People were presenting with 'respiratory illness', and some started vomiting. Authorities were notified of the incident at Tassal's Strathblane facility on Sunday, but the TFS said there was no concern for the wider community.

Acting District Officer Barry Bones said, 'A few people started to present with more illness, and that's a classic way this gas affects people.

'Most people were treated by Tasmania Ambulance as a precautionary measure. It's just to make sure that people don't go downhill.'

A spokesman for Tassal said that authorities had given clearance for them to re-commence operations. WorkSafe Tasmania is investigating.

Read the original article on ABC News website.

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