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Wednesday 5th May 2021

May 5th 2021

Wednesday 5th May 2021

Farm Safety honours closing soon. 

This year will be the first that the WorkSafe Awards have included a category for farming, with agriculture being one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Over the past three years, 24 people have died in on-farm workplace incidents. 424 people made workers compensation claims as a result of serious injuries in 2020.

A compelling new campaign has been launched by WorkSafe to dispel the ‘bulletproof’ attitudes among agricultural workers and farmers and celebrate those taking a safety-first approach in the industry, said Chief Executive Colin Radford.

'These workplaces continue to be over-represented in both serious injuries and fatalities and this is another way for WorkSafe to engage with the industry as we look to shift attitudes around farm safety' he said.

The winner of the inaugural Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety on a Farm award will be announced during WorkSafe's annual Health and Safety Month in October and will receive $2000.

For more information or to submit an entry visit the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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