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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Mar 30th 2021

Tuesday 30th March 2021

E-cigarette battery explodes inside worker's pocket. 

In January 2021, a WA mine worker received severe thermal and chemical burns when his electronic cigarette battery spontaneously ignited in his pocket.

A report on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website states that witnesses compared the explosion to 'fireworks going off and flying around inside the vehicle.'

The report concluded that an e-cigarette battery explosion and fire in an underground mine or a vicinity of an explosives magazine or fuel facility could be potentially catastrophic.

'Given the foreseeability of these occurrences and their potential consequences, the risks associated with carrying electronic cigarette devices on-site, particularly in potentially hazardous areas, should be reviewed and preventative and control measures developed and implemented.'

The report also pointed to a recent study, which estimated more than 2,000 visits to US emergency rooms from 2015 to 2017 due to e-cigarette burns and explosion-related injuries.

More on this topic can be found on the ABC website.

WorkSafe launches a new campaign, 'Workplace Safety is our Common Language'. 

On 21 March 2021, WorkSafe launched a new $970,000 'Workplace Safety is our Common Language' campaign to assist workers from culturally diverse backgrounds understand their health and safety rights.

The campaign also aims to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to raise questions or concerns.

WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety Julie Nielsen said, 'We know people who speak multiple languages and are learning English face unique risks compared to their co-workers, but that is no excuse for failing to ensure their health and safety.'

The campaign launched on Sunday, 21 March across multicultural print, radio and digital media outlets.

WorkSafe now has health and safety information available in nine new languages.

For further information on this topic, head to the WorkSafe Vic website.

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