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Tasmania expands cancer protection for firefighters

Oct 24th 2023

Tasmania expands cancer protection for firefighters

Tasmania has added another nine cancers to the presumptive cancer list for fire-fighters following the passage of ‘world-leading legislative reforms by the State Parliament.’

The bill extends the list of presumptive cancers for fire-fighters to include nine more cancers.

Minister for Workplace Safety and Consumer Affairs, the Hon Madeleine Ogilvie MP, described the passage of the bill as a ‘significant moment for our State.’

“This new legislation means Tasmania moves from being not only a national leader in presumptive cancer legislation but a world leader,” Minister Ogilvie said.

The Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill 2023 adds nine additional cancers to the presumptive list, including primary site cervical cancer, primary site ovarian cancer, primary site uterine cancer and malignant mesothelioma among others.

Full details here.

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