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South Australia criminalises industrial manslaughter

Dec 8th 2023

South Australia criminalises industrial manslaughter

The South Australian parliament has recently passed laws to criminalise industrial manslaughter.

Under the new laws, an individual can face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and $18 million fine for a company ‘if they are reckless or grossly negligent in conduct which breaches a work health and safety duty and results in the death of another person.’

‘These new laws will ensure the most serious health and safety breaches carry a penalty which sends a clear message that people who place workers’ lives at risk will be held to account,' the State Government said in a media statement.

‘These penalties also recognise the significant loss suffered by the families of workers who die in preventable workplace incidents.’

Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector Kyam Maher said every worker has the right to a safe workplace.

Read the full story here.

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