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Silica Dust Code of Practice commences in the ACT

Nov 17th 2023

Silica Dust Code of Practice commences in the ACT

The Code of Practice for Managing Silica Dust in the Workplace is now in effect in the ACT.

The ‘Managing the Risks of Airborne Crystalline Silica (Silica Dust) in the Workplace Code of Practice’ which came into effect on 15 November 2023 will boost efforts to combat silica exposure in ACT workplaces.

WorkSafe ACT inspectors have been trained and the safety agency has created a team that will focus on businesses that work with silica containing materials.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Commissioner Jacqueline Agius welcomed the new code of practice.

“We continue to see non-compliance, with failures to protect workers from silica dust. This Code provides businesses with information about what must be done to comply,” Ms Agius said.

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