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SafeWork SA warns of vehicle roll-away risks in workplaces

Sep 18th 2023

SafeWork SA warns of vehicle roll-away risks in workplaces

Three fatal incidents in South Australia over the past three years have prompted a safety warning from SafeWork about the risks posed by uncontrolled movement of vehicles in workplaces.

Several people have also been injured and property damaged in vehicle roll-away incidents since 2020.

“A roll-away incident involves the unintentional movement of a vehicle because it has not been properly immobilised,” SafeWork SA said.

According to the safety regulator, roll-aways occur on jobsites, parking and maintenance yards or when a vehicle is parked on the roadside.

Last week, SafeWork Australia published a new fact sheet to help workplaces manage the risks of vehicle roll-aways.

‘This new vehicle roll-away fact sheet will help businesses with a number of engineering and other control measures to increase safety and reduce risk,’ SafeWork SA Executive Director Glenn Farrell said.

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