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SafeWork SA targets distillers in WHS blitz

May 14th 2024

SafeWork SA targets distillers in WHS blitz

SafeWork SA is conducting inspections at distilleries throughout the State to ensure they are in compliance with workplace health and safety rules and regulations regarding dangerous substances.

The safety watchdog said inspectors are conducting audits for the first time in order to minimise risks for workers and the general public.

SafeWork SA said, “Distilleries produce and store highly flammable liquids, including ethanol, and create risks associated with explosive atmospheres, confined spaces, pressure vessels, electrical safety, chemicals, cylinder storage and pallet racking.”

According to the safety agency, a Tasmanian distillery experienced a blast in 2021 that resulted in severe injuries to an employee.

SafeWork SA Executive Director Glenn Farrell said the remarkable surge in the number of distilleries in SA in the past few years led to the six-month initiative.

For more on this story, go to the SafeWork SA website.

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