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Reminder to stay safe at NSW farms this festive season

Dec 19th 2022

Reminder to stay safe at NSW farms this festive season

Safe Work NSW reminds people visiting rural properties during the festive season that farms are workplaces, urging them to make safety a priority.

Acting Head of SafeWork NSW John Tansey said everyone; including family members, visitors and volunteers, has a role to play when it comes to farm safety.

“There are many dangers on farms, from silos, chemicals and workshops, to animals, quad bikes, electrical and water hazards, as well as other dangerous ‘no go zones’ which account for a high proportion of serious incidents,” Mr Tansey said.

“A great idea to ensure visitors are aware of dangers is to compile a list of farm safety rules specific for visitors and ensure if they are operating a vehicle or equipment, they are competent and adequately trained to do so.”

For more on this story, visit the Safe Work NSW website.

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