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Raising awareness of farm safety for the next generation of farmers

Jul 21st 2021

Raising awareness of farm safety for the next generation of farmers

Raising awareness of farm safety for the next generation of farmers.     

WorkSafe Victoria urges farming families to prioritise safety and learn from the past during National Farm Safety Week. This year's campaign highlights intergenerational practices with 'Farm Safety Through the Ages - From 2 - 92'.

As the agriculture industry continues to be one of the most dangerous in the state, now is the time for farmers to access the help available to them to improve their operations, often passed down through generations, and make safety a priority for their businesses.

In 2021 there have already been four deaths, 24 in the last three years and one person per day lodges a workers compensation claim as a result of a serious agricultural workplace incident.

Brothers and managing directors of 6500-acre Stonyhurst Pastoral Tom and Bill Alston are following in their families footsteps. The third-generation farmers show how they have made improvements on the farm in a video with WorkSafe, including using drones to muster sheep.

'My advice to anyone on a farm or agricultural setting would be to get in touch with your local WorkSafe team, have a chat and get them out, have a look around and see what you can implement. It would probably surprise you to know the little things you can do to improve the day-to-day safety of yourself or anyone working in that environment.' said Tom Alston.

For more information on farm safety, visit

Watch the full video with the Alston brothers at

Read the original article on the WorkSafe Victoria website.

Increase of health and safety risks due to mouse plague. 

As areas of regional and rural NSW are affected by an ongoing mouse plague, there is an increased risk to farmers and agricultural workers' health and safety and those in contact with the rodents.

SafeWork NSW has provided information and links to additional resources to assist employers and workers manage the risks and provide guidance to help keep workplaces safe while dealing with the mouse plague.

The risks include more significant exposure to diseases such as leptospirosis and hazardous chemicals like zinc phosphide, plus a negative impact on workers' wellbeing and mental health.

More information, resources and crisis support can be found on the SafeWork NSW website.

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