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Queenslanders urged to make electrical safety a priority during flood cleanup

Mar 3rd 2022

Queenslanders urged to make electrical safety a priority during flood cleanup

The Queensland Electrical Office reminds workers and property owners to prioritise electrical safety during cleanup after the floods.

Head of the ESO, Donna Heelan, urged homeowners to use licensed electricians to inspect and carry out verification tests on switchboards and other electrical equipment.

'If there's any chance they've been damaged by water, stay away from switchboards and warn others to do the same,' Ms Heelan said.

'If the rain has got into your roof space, make sure you turn off the power before you go up there to check for damage.

'Have a licensed electrician check any electrical appliances or equipment you reckon may have been submerged or water-logged.

'And never, ever be tempted to do your own electrical work. The golden rule is never, under any circumstances, to do it yourself as this is potentially life-threatening."

Parts of south-east Queensland are underwater following heavy rains.

'This is an extraordinary weather event, and it should be treated very seriously. I urge everyone to stay home if safe to do so and call for help if you need it," Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said last Saturday.

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