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Queensland to ban engineered stone work from 1 July

May 9th 2024

Queensland to ban engineered stone work from 1 July

The Queensland Government has officially announced that the prohibition on engineered stone will be fully implemented in Queensland from July 1, 2024.

According to the State Government, the prohibition requires that all work involving engineered stone in Queensland must stop starting from 1 July, regardless of whether contracts were signed before the ban was implemented.

Minister for Industrial Relations, Grace Grace said, “Here in Queensland we have demonstrated we will never be silent when it comes to the safety of Queensland workers – we’ve been bold and outspoken, and we’ll continue that legacy in conquering the insidious dangers posed by RCS.

“This dangerous product is known to cause the potentially fatal disease silicosis: workers sell their labour, not their lives, so we want people out of harm’s way as soon as possible.”

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