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Queensland introduces new legislation to enhance workers' compensation scheme

Apr 19th 2024

Queensland introduces new legislation to enhance workers' compensation scheme

A new bill has been introduced by Queensland's Industrial Relations Minister, Grace Grace, with the goal of strengthening the State's workers' compensation scheme.

The Workers’ Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 has been introduced to the State Parliament after an Independent Review led by former QIRC Commissioner Glenys Fisher and Emeritus Professor of Employment Relations at Griffith University Professor David Peetz.

A notable aspect of the bill is the inclusion of 10 additional cancers to the existing list of 12 that are deemed to be job-related for Queensland firies.

The Bill includes additional provisions aimed at expediting injured workers' access to weekly compensation payments. According to the bill, this will be achieved through the implementation of default payments upon claim acceptance, alleviating financial burdens and enabling workers to concentrate on their healing process.

“The Miles Government has once again delivered for Queensland workers by strengthening our nation leading workers’ compensation scheme, and I want to thank former Commissioner Fisher and Professor Peetz for their exceptional work,” Minister Grace said.

“I am particularly proud of the expanded list of presumptive cancers which will give certainty to Queensland’s firefighters that they will get the care and support they need.”

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