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Plans for Improved Pool Safety Released

Jun 17th 2021

Plans for Improved Pool Safety Released

Plans for improved pool safety released by building regulator. 

Following a detailed review and consultation of Western Australia's regulatory requirements, a decision paper for private swimming pools and their safety barriers is in its final stages.

Recommendations based on the Ombudsman Western Australia's investigation report on drowning deaths of children include changes to areas such as:

  • boundary barrier requirements;
  • the building permit process for pools and pool fences;
  • inspections of safety barriers for new pools;
  • the compliance process for non-compliant pool barriers;
  • inspection charges;
  • local government reporting obligations; and
  • pool inspector training.

Draft amendments to the Building Regulations are in the preparation stage with 16 ways regulatory requirements can be improved by the State Government outlined by Building and Energy.

Executive Director of Building and Energy, Saj Abdoolakhan, said while some decisions could be achieved through guidance and collaboration with key stakeholders, amendments to WA's building regulations were required.

"Tragically, drownings are a leading cause of death for young children in WA, while near-drownings can cause devastating injuries," Mr Abdoolakhan said.

"Most of these incidents occur in private swimming pools at people's homes.

The full decision paper is available at the Building and Energy website

The full article can be found Commerce WA website.

Investigations into contractors injuries from wetting auger. 

Enquiries are in progress to establish the reasons how a contractor suffered serious injuries when his arms were trapped in a wetting auger at a feedlot.

Initial reports are that he performed maintenance work on the auger when the motor started without warning, rotating the auger, trapping his arms and causing multiple fractures, degloving and severe lacerations to his arms.

Investigations into the accident that happened in April 2021 are continuing by WorkSafe QLD.

The original alert can be found on the WorkSafe Qld website.

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