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Occupational Lung Disease Report Released

Jun 24th 2021

Occupational Lung Disease Report Released

Charges laid over Forrestfield Airport Link Project injury. 

WorkSafe is prosecuting a subcontractor engaged on the Forrestfield Airport Link Project for failing to provide and maintain a safe working environment after an employee suffered serious injuries from a workplace accident near the Airport Central Station platform.

In July 2018, three employees were connecting steel pipes in an underground tunnel when there was a loud explosion. A flexible rubber hose, 6 inches long, containing high-pressure compressed air, had detached in the work area, resulting in an unrestrained whiplash motion of the hose, striking a work crew member in the face.

The worker was knocked unconscious and suffered severe facial fractures and lacerations, a fractured right hand, an eye injury and a traumatic brain injury. He underwent nine hours of surgery and was placed in an induced coma for 11 days. Since the accident, he has endured extensive medical intervention, including facial surgeries, dental surgeries, plastic surgery, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

The case will be mentioned in the Perth Magistrate course on July 23.

The original article can be viewed on the Government of Western Australia website.

Occupational Lung Disease Campaign launched by Safe Work Australia. 

A campaign on occupational lung disease awareness has been launched by Safe Work Australia and will run until December 2021.

The Clean Air. Clear Lungs. Campaign is to help raise awareness about the risk of occupational lung diseases caused by workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals and dust.

The aim of the National campaign is to educate persons conducting a business or undertaking on the often unseen hazards in the workplace that can put workers at risk of developing an occupational lung disease, which is a condition of the respiratory system, such as dust, gas, fumes, and vapours.

It was highlighted in the Occupational lung diseases in Australia 2006-2019 report that there had been a substantial increase in silicosis from working with engineered stone.

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter said, 'Occupational lung disease continues to be a major work health and safety concern in Australia.'

'It's incredibly important to know what hazards exist at your workplace and how to eliminate and manage them.'

The Clean Air. Clear Lungs. campaign kit is available on the website and has a suite of resources to help identify hazards and eliminate and manage risks of occupational lung disease in the workplace.  For more information, visit or contact your regulator.

The original article can be viewed on the Safe Work Australia website.

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