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NT WorkSafe lays charges after council worker nearly drowns

Aug 15th 2022

NT WorkSafe lays charges after council worker nearly drowns

A Northern Territory council faces more than $7 million in fines after one of its workers nearly drowned when an amphibious weed harvester tipped and capsized.

Northern Territory’s workplace safety regulator has charged the council with nine counts of breaching workplace health and safety regulations following the incident in February 2020.

NT WorkSafe said the incident happened when two workers were removing weeds from the lakes located in the suburb of Durack.

“As part of their work, the workers took turns operating an amphibious weed harvester that was owned by the Council,” NT WorkSafe said in a statement.

The council is accused of failing to “follow all the manufacturer’s instructions, which were provided during the purchase of the craft.”

The case will be heard on Monday 29 August 2022.

Source: NT WorkSafe website.

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