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New Zealand forestry company fined over worker's arm injury

May 30th 2023

New Zealand forestry company fined over worker's arm injury

A New Zealand forestry company has been ordered to pay a fine of $180,000 after a worker’s arm became trapped in machinery.

According to WorkSafe, the worker was troubleshooting the machine when his wrist became trapped in its rollers. He suffered a broken arm and a dislocated wrist.

The safety regulator investigated the June 2021 incident and found the machine was modified before use.

“It is vital that any business bringing new machinery into the country does its due diligence to bring the equipment into line with New Zealand safety standards. Get the right experts and advice to ensure none of your workers are exposed to the type of danger seen in this incident,” WorkSafe’s area investigation manager, Danielle Henry said.

The company was also ordered to pay $10,000 in reparations to the injured worker.

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