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New report calls for ban on engineered stone

Oct 31st 2023

New report calls for ban on engineered stone

A new report released by Safe Work Australia recommends a ban on all engineered stone in Australia to protect workers from silica dust.

Work Health and Safety ministers asked Safe Work Australia to develop the report in consultation with key stakeholders following a surge in silicosis cases.

Safe Work Australia said the report titled Decision Regulation Impact Statement: Prohibition on the use of engineered stone (Decision RIS) ‘recommends a prohibition on the use of all engineered stone, irrespective of crystalline silica content, to protect the health and safety of workers.’

The report was presented to Commonwealth, state and territory work health and safety (WHS) ministers in August this year.

“While WHS ministers are yet to make a decision on the recommendation in the Decision RIS to prohibit the use of all engineered stone, they have agreed Safe Work Australia publish the Decision RIS ahead of their decision,” Safe Work Australia said.

Read the Decision RIS report here.

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