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New film reinforces arc flash safety message

Mar 29th 2022

New film reinforces arc flash safety message

Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office (ESO) has produced a film warning workers of the dangers of arc flash.

Head of the Electrical Safety Office Donna Heelan said arc flash incidents are on the rise in Queensland, and it was time to ramp up safety measures.

“To get the point home, this film looks at an arc flash incident through the eyes of an electrical worker who is doing a simple job,” Ms Heelan said.

“As the story goes, he touches a live part and then experiences an arc flash, falling to the ground before other colleagues come to his aid.

“The film then outlines the kind of injuries which can be suffered from an arc flash and talks about the preventative steps which should always be taken.

Read the full story on WHSQ website.

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