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Monday 29th March 2021

Mar 29th 2021

Monday 29th March 2021

WorkSafe issues safety alerts associated with mobile plant use. 

WorkSafe has issued a reminder about mobile plant risks after multiple recent incidents involving rollovers.

The department has recently been notified of several incidents involving mobile plant rollovers at quarries. Fortunately, in all cases, the plant operators did not suffer any injuries.

While the incidents have occurred across multiple sites and operators, a common casual factor identified has been plant operation over uneven, inclined or unstable running surfaces.

To reduce the risks associated with mobile plant becoming unstable during unloading, WorkSafe reminds employers they must:

  • Identify all potential hazards before mobile plant operation
  • Ensure tipping locations are level and adequately compacted to support the plant
  • Ensure appropriate safe systems of work are in place
  • Ensure that systems of work are regularly monitored, reviewed and, if necessary, revised.

For more information on this alert, head to the WorkSafe Vic website.

NSW scaffolding sector inspections to commence. 

SafeWork will visit construction sites across NSW to inspect scaffold structures, issuing on the spot fines and stop-work notices for failure to comply with NSW's safety standards.

Minister for Batter Regulation Kevin Anderson said, 'This is the third annual scaffold compliance program we've conducted, and we will continue to visit sites until the industry meets the safety levels SafeWork expects.'

In 2021, SafeWork has visited more than 60 construction sites, issuing 96 notices, including eight on the spot fines, 16 prohibition notices, and 72 improvement notices.

SafeWork will be focusing on risks associated with formwork, concrete pumps and working at heights for the rest of 2021.

SafeWork NSW has stated that on the spot fines of $3600 for businesses and $720 for individuals can and will be issued if a competent person does not inspect scaffolds, if workers are at serious risk of falls from heights, or unlicensed workers erect, alter or dismantle a scaffold.

You can now report unsafe work quickly and anonymously directly to SafeWork using their app 'Speak Up, Save Lives.'

To view more on this topic, head to the SafeWork NSW website.

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