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Monday 17th May 2021

May 17th 2021

Monday 17th May 2021

Putting a stop to violence in the workplace. 

Workplace violence and the impact it has on workers can be physically and mentally devastating.  Violent or aggressive injury claims from incidents in the workplace can range from verbal abuse and demeaning language, yelling, swearing and spitting to physical assault and gendered violence. Although these makeup only 2.5 percent of injury claims in the workplace, there are many unreported incidents.

WorkSafe Victoria has launched a new campaign to highlight the need for employers and the community to put a stop to workplace violence. Starting May 16 and building on the previous It's Never Ok campaign, which focussed on violence towards healthcare workers, it continues the message that violence and aggression in the workplace is never ok.

The campaign will appear in print media, online and on major television networks, showing a series of videos detailing the experiences and challenges faced by real public transport workers and healthcare workers. There will be targeted inspection programs in the high-risk healthcare and corrections industries and WorkSafe will also run education and awareness campaigns to remind employers of their obligations to protect workers and reinforce that violence and abuse is never 'just part of the job'.

View the original article on the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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