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Ladder injuries prompt WorkSafe safety reminder

May 26th 2022

Ladder injuries prompt WorkSafe safety reminder

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a reminder to employers to work safely with portable ladders after two people were seriously injured when the ladders they were on failed without warning.

WorkSafe said both ladders had plastic/polymer structural components that appeared to have UV (sun) damage.

Falls are the number one cause of death and serious injury in the construction industry, according to the safety regulator.

WorkSafe Victoria said “portable ladders are one of the least stable but most often used tools when working at heights. A ladder failure can result in a fall.”

“Brittle plastic/polymer components reduce the overall strength and durability of the ladder and cause the ladder to be unsafe for use, as it could fail suddenly.”

The safety watchdog said a ladder should only be used if a safer option has been assessed first and is not reasonably practicable for the task.

Read the full story on the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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