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Heavy vehicle regulator approves seventh Electronic Work Diary

Apr 1st 2022

Heavy vehicle regulator approves seventh Electronic Work Diary

Heavy vehicle operators can now choose from seven apps for Electronic Work Diary (EWD) after the NHVR recently approved a seventh provider.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said there are many benefits of using EWDs, including increased productivity, fatigue management and driver safety.

"For example, Bustle's EWD complements its existing end-to-end Transport Management System solution, which includes compliance, workshop, operations and finance modules," Sal said.

"By wrapping as many solutions as possible into their software and aligning it with the Industry Master Code of Practice, Bustle is enabling transport operators to run compliant operations with fewer systems.

"When we developed the model for EWDs, we set the performance standards, not the type of technology, and enabled the market to meet the standard.

The heavy vehicle regulator reminds drivers that they should only use an NHVR-approved EWD.

The full story is available on the NHVRs website.

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