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Friday 21st May 2021

May 21st 2021

Friday 21st May 2021

Bellana company received multiple fines from EPA. 

A Benalla particle board manufacturer has been fined by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria more than $16,000 over multiple offences.

The first fine was issued after a member of the public reported an explosion, which took place inside the facility on 3 November 2020. The second was for a monitoring plan that was inadequate to satisfy the company's EPA license conditions.

EPA North East Regional Manager Renee Palmer said, 'It's a legal requirement for any company operating under an EPA licence to notify EPA of any breach of their licence conditions, and that is a clear responsibility, it's in writing on their licence.'

EPA officers contacted the company for additional information, which determined the discharge of smoke and pressure is considered an unlicensed release to the air, which must be reported to EPA.

View the original article on the EPA website.

Comcare releases annual Work Health and Safety Year in Review. 

Comcare's regulation and engagement activities conducted throughout 2020 are highlighted in their recently released report.

A survey found that 85% of workplaces visited by Comcare inspectors realised the need for improved work health and safety outcomes because of a visit.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant disruption in 2020, Comcare maintained a strong approach to serious incidents and fatalities and established COVID-19 focused programs to ensure that the jurisdiction had effective safety systems to minimise the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace.

The increase in major infrastructure projects has resulted in Comcare focusing on monitoring high-risk construction. In November 2020, a specialist team of inspectors were deployed, and they continue to provide enhanced oversight and intelligence.

For more information on this topic, head to the Comcare website.

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