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Five workers killed in NSW in four days

Feb 11th 2024

Five workers killed in NSW in four days

Safe Work NSW has expressed deep concern over the five fatalities that have occurred at workplaces in the past four days.

The five deaths serve as a timely reminder to workplaces about the importance of safety, according to the safety watchdog.

Safe Work has been made aware of multiple workplace incidents that have led to severe injuries. One such incident occurred on 27th January in Eastwood, where a construction worker plunged about 3-4 metres from scaffolding, leading to significant head injuries.

Minister for Work Health and Safety Sophie Cotsis said, “Five deaths in 4 days is a tragedy and my condolences are with families, friends and colleagues of those who have sadly lost their lives.

“Business owners must ensure their employees are always practising safe work practices, and, as we head into February, these deaths serve as a tragic reminder to make sure workplaces are up to date with safety equipment and compliance.”

For more information, visit the Safe Work Australia website.

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