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EPA reviews demolition methodology for Batemans Bay Bridge

Jul 1st 2021

EPA reviews demolition methodology for Batemans Bay Bridge

EPA reviews demolition methodology for 65-year-old Batemans Bay Bridge. 

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) reviewed the demolition methodology and control measures the construction project team implemented to demolish and remove the 65-year-old Batemans Bay Bridge. This review ensures any lead or other metals-based paint does not impact the Clyde River, an important aquatic habitat.

During some bridge processing activities, air monitoring will be used as an additional precaution to make sure current control measures are effective.

EPA Regional South Unit Head Matthew Rizzuto said it was understandable the community had concerns about the impact of lead paint from the bridge entering the environment.

‘Our regulation of the project is focused on making sure both the Batemans Marine Park and the nearby community are not impacted.’

‘The project will use methods that avoid generating dust or residue and make sure any residue from the bridge’s demolition and removal is appropriately contained and disposed of.’

Transport for NSW estimates the removal of the bridge is to be finished by the end of 2021.

The full article can be found on the EPA website.

58,500 people registered to Report A Tosser! 

Report A Tosser! launched in 2015 as part of the NSW Government’s anti-littering program. The number one littered sites in NSW are roadside. The program aims to change behaviours and reduce litter by sending a clear message that littering is unacceptable.

‘Report to EPA’ had 58,500 people across NSW register to report ‘tossers’ littering from vehicles, with the top 5 areas being:

  1. Central Coast: over 3,200 reporters
  2. Blacktown: over 2,700 reporters
  3. Sutherland Shire: over 2,000 reporters
  4. Northern Beaches: over 1,950 reporters
  5. Canterbury-Bankstown: over 1,930 reporters

EPA Litter Prevention Manager Rupert Saville said, ‘It’s fantastic to be supported by so many community members who feel so passionate about protecting the environment. Currently, the Report A Tosser! community is over three times the size of the NSW Police Force and is growing.’

To “Report A Tosser!” and protect our environment, you can register at

The original article can be found on the EPA website.

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