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Brisbane set to host this year’s Work Well Conference

Aug 21st 2023

Brisbane set to host this year’s Work Well Conference

Several high-profile speakers including ‘a digital futurist, human communications expert and the Royal Australian Navy’s first female pilot’ have been lined up for this year’s Work Well Conference scheduled for October.

The conference will be held in Brisbane during National Safe Work Month.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland lists ‘artificial intelligence in safety, systems thinking, critical conversation management, psychosocial risks, good work design and safety capability’ as topics of discussion during the one-day conference.

Deputy Director-General for the Office of Industrial Relations, Peter McKay, commended Safe Work Month activities for promoting workplace safety throughout the year.

"Safe Work Month serves as a platform to promote a culture of safety, support, and wellbeing in workplaces and this year's program is set to be the most comprehensive and impactful yet,” Mr. McKay said.

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