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Angle grinder injuries prompt NT WorkSafe safety warning

Jun 6th 2023

Angle grinder injuries prompt NT WorkSafe safety warning

The Northern Territory workplace safety regulator reminds all workers to keep safety top of mind when using angle grinders after four workers sustained injuries in incidents involving these power tools in the span of five weeks.

A number of workers have been seriously injured in angle grinder incidents in the Northern Territory. These power tools have also caused deaths in Australia.

“The main causes of injuries are being hit by flying particles from the item being ground or cut, being hit by fragments of the grinder disc if it breaks and being cut by the grinder when it kicks back” NT WorkSafe said.

The safety watchdog urges workers/employers to conduct hazard identification and risk assessment and control before using angle grinders. Employers should also ensure inexperienced workers are adequately supervised.

For more information, visit the NT WorkSafe website.

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