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Alice Springs arborist receives $25,000 fine after wood chipper incident

Mar 26th 2024

Alice Springs arborist receives $25,000 fine after wood chipper incident

The Alice Springs Local Court has ordered an arborist to pay a $25,000 fine after a worker sustained serious injuries from being hit by the hood of a wood chipper that had come loose during operation in November 2022.

An investigation conducted by the NT workplace safety regulator revealed that the wood chipper had sustained damage nearly two months prior due to a road incident. Despite attempts at in-house repairs, the machine was unable to be restored to a safe standard.

The Northern Territory’s Work Health and Safety Regulator, Ms Peggy Cheong said the incident served as a crucial reminder for all workplaces to treat safety concerns with utmost seriousness.

She stressed the need for all employers to promptly investigate and resolve any safety issues brought to their attention.

“This incident could have been avoided if the wood chipper hood was fixed properly, when the issue was raised four days before the incident,” Ms Cheong said.

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