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AIHS calls for free Rapid Antigen Tests for workers

Jan 24th 2022

AIHS calls for free Rapid Antigen Tests for workers

The Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS) wants the Federal Government to provide up to date and clear directions on COVID 19 management and prevention in workplaces.

Australia’s national association for workplace health and safety professionals has also called on the Government to take action to ensure an adequate supply of free Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT).

Chief Executive Officer David Clarke said, “Over the last 12 months commentary and policy related to management of the disease has descended into rancorous, binary thinking, increasingly driven by politics rather than evidence.

“That’s not helpful in helping businesses keep workers safe. Policymakers across the country have a responsibility to be better than that and should provide up to date and clear directions.

“National guidance on COVID-19 for workplaces was provided in early 2020 by Federal and State Governments.

“This information gave businesses clear advice on risk assessment, physical distancing, hygiene, and cleaning.

“With the introduction of contact tracing, close contact definitions, COVID vaccines and rapid antigen testing, this advice is now outdated.

“Businesses need to be better informed about how to deal with COVID-19 in 2022, with new public health rules in place.”

Read the full story on the Australian Institute of Health and Safety website.

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